What is decompression?

A decompression event, decom or decomp is a local reunion for Burning Man participants to help ease themselves back into everyday society after the "big event." It is not uncommon for Burning Man participants to experience "post-burn blues," and decompression events can help alleviate the feelings of loneliness and separation that can occur. The events provide an opportunity to participants to share feelings, art, performances, and memories. As awareness of Burning Man has spread around the world, Decompression events have evolved to welcome newcomers to Burner culture.

Las Vegas Decompression is a radically inclusive and expressive outdoor street faire style event produced by your local Burning Man community. Featuring music, performers, art, mutant vehicles, costumes, participation, and much playa love. Reconnect and share stories from the burn or make new friends and start getting pumped for next year. If you’ve never been to Burning Man, this is a great way to learn more about our community!

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6475 West Gary Avenue, Las Vegas, NV

Near Torrey Pines Dr and Blue Diamond Rd

December 7, 2019. All ages until 9pm, 21+ after 9pm. Radically inclusive and expressive outdoor participatory event, produced by your local Burning Man community, and featuring hours of music, performers, artists, art cars, costumes, interactivity, and oodles of delicious playa love. This is an official Decompression event, guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. This is a "leave no trace" event.


There is no difference between the ticket tiers other than price. Admit one to Las Vegas Decompression. This is a rain or shine event


KIDS (Under 13)

$ 15


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$ 20


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Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a campground! The event space is a paved lot. However, there will be an area where participants can set up personal tents or cars as a base for interactivity or rest. We do not want anybody driving if they are too tired or it would otherwise be unsafe. The space will be limited and first-come first-served. If you plan to bring any sort of structure such as shade or tent, plan to have sand bags or other ways to secure the structure without stakes or bolts. Stakes are not allowed in the asphalt.
If you plan to use a larger recreational vehicle as part of your "theme camp" representation at the event, please reach out to the planning team so you can be placed.
Yes. Children will be permitted until 9PM. After 9PM, the event becomes 21+.
Yes, re-entry is permitted
Yes, and you probably should. It’s an overnight event and we aren’t providing any food! There are restaurants close to the venue and re-entry is permitted.
There will not be any alcohol sales. This event is BYOB! People under 21 will have a different wristband and should not be drinking alcohol.
No generators, please. If your placed art requires power, please contact the organizers.
No, you can only buy them online. See here.
There will be no fire dancing and no art burns. Flame effects TBD
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